Life is a gracious adventure. We did not ask for it. We did not earn it. We do not deserve it. Yet, every morning with the rising of the sun we receive a new day. It may not always be a great day, but there will always be something special about it. Be meticulous and you just might find it.

Hello, friends! My name is Tatiana Sanchez. I love to journal and was inspired to blog about the things God is teaching me (you may catch a bit of my health frenzy too). I want this to be a means of encouraging others to allow God to shape our desires and to remind us that God’s will for our lives is revealed in His Word. When we read His words we find that we do not belong to this world, we are here temporarily and He has created us all with purpose! We find that purpose in Jesus Christ. That’s the gracious adventure: a Spirit-led life surrendered to Him.