COVID19: This is NOT a drill

If I’m honest, last night I felt fear. My sister called to tell me that my youngest niece was experiencing symptoms that all correlated with COVID19. I trust my sister’s intuition as a mother of 4 when she says that my niece’s symptoms are very different than what she has experienced with the cold or flu. My niece can’t be tested however. A 10 month old isn’t considered high risk and testing is limited and being reserved for the elderly. I was up until 3AM trying to find the middle ground between being rational about what is happening, while also fighting the fear I felt entrapped within me. I woke up with the same anxiety.

I know the data. I know there’s a low mortality rate. What I fear is the ignorance of our community. Social distancing is crucial right now and I hope we can understand that.


Nurses from local hospitals, such as Hackensack Meridian in NJ, have expressed that the public does not seem to comprehend what we are up against and the hospitals are being overwhelmed with patients. This virus attacks deep in the lungs filling them with mucus and doctors do not know how to combat a viral pneumonia apart from providing the body support via fluids, etc. Patients in Italy are shifitng in age with 12% under 50 years old and we may see the same shift as young people with more social interactions continue to be reluctant to restrictions in the US. To witness how this is affecting a local family from NYC, feel free to follow health blogger & herbalist OrganicOlivia (whom I love & is so knowledgeable!) on Instagram, whose both parents tested positive for COVID.

I know we’re tired of hearing it, speaking about it, dealing with it. So am I. But I’m just asking that we not take this lightly. I do not mean panic. I do mean be prudent.

I’m currently writing from a much more calm state. Truly. I know God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and self-discipline (2 Timothy 1:7). In the midst of it all I’m seeing people come together, churches joining in prayer, the young serving the elderly.

Once all this blows over people will once again continue to live as if they are invincible. But even after this comes to closure, I will continue to hope in the author and perfecter of my faith, Jesus Christ, believing that there is an end to come. We don’t know when. It’s likely not now. But I can stand confident knowing that my salvation comes from God.

Stick to the data. Focus on the facts. But please, please do your part to #flattenthecurve.

This is NOT a drill.

In solidarity & with love,

Tati ❤

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