A Good Morning

I was listening to a podcast which reminded me about the importance of having a morning routine. In essence, it’s about giving yourself those first few moments of the day to fuel your mind, body & spirit. Finding myself restless on an airplane, I started to contemplate my ideal morning and wanted to share it with you all. Hopefully it’ll get you thinking too!

I like the stillness of the morning. The early morning. When the light of the sun is minutes away from peaking the horizon & breaking through the window pane.

I like the sound of my slippers dragging against the floor as I rise up off my bed asking my feet to carry the weight of my body once again. My body feels heavier after laying on a bed for seven hours. Seven hours on a good night.

I like the sound of the faucet as I let the cold water run. The water fills my cupped hands and I splash it against my face. WAKE UP.  I pat my face dry with a towel. I brush my teeth.

I like the kitchen in the morning. I grab my little pot and fill it with a cup of water. It isn’t measured. I’ve just memorized what a cup of water looks like in my little pot. I like the clicking sound of the gas stove as I turn the dial and await for the flames. I like my warm water with lemon and apple cider vinegar. Sometimes with a dash of Himalayan salt. To detox they say. I like the thought of detoxing in the morning. The less toxins, the better.

I like taking my cup of warm water and sitting on the table. I grab God’s book and flip through the pages. Those who seek the Lord early shall find Him. I let God’s words speak to me, then I speak to God. Prayer.

I like the stillness of the morning. I don’t do the music for inspiration or motivation. I like the silence. I like the solitude. In a few moments I’ll be in a swarm of humans. In a few moments the sun will set again.

What’s your ideal morning routine?

Tati ❤

9 thoughts on “A Good Morning

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  2. I wasn’t always a morning person, but have been for the past 9 years. I actually look forward to my first sip of coffee and the quiet (if my early rising son doesn’t beat me up) as I’m going to sleep at night. Sitting in quiet and reading the Bible, thinking and praying is such a delight. 😊

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