Self-Healing: Part Two

Hello friends!

Okay, so where were we…….

I was told I had lupus.

I didn’t have lupus.

I had eczema.

Itchy, itchy, itchy. Scratch, scratch, scratch.

What the heck is Tati talking about? Read my previous post for the full story! 🙂

Make the Itch Stop!

It was summer of 2015 and I had one goal: Get ABS.

I was following the protocols of The Abs Diet book. This included a diet that consisted of a lot of diary, a lot of whole wheat, a lot of protein/whey protein, a lot of fruits and dark greens.

At the same time I was studying for an engineering exam and was taking a live online class from 7pm to 10pm Monday through Thursday after full work days. I would rush home from NYC, enjoy the lovely rush hour commute (sarcasm), cook my ab-diet-approved dinner, and chow it down just in time to turn on my computer and log into my 3 hour online classroom. I also still managed to squeeze my workouts in during my lunch breaks. Stress? What stress? Self-care time? What do you think the squeezed in workouts are for? Truthfully, I felt like I was conquering at life. I felt productive, motivated, like a BOSS. My skin on the other hand, was about to scream, “HELP!” in a manner I didn’t very much appreciate.

Non-stop itchiness. Bumps. Redness. Dryness.

The eczema on my back and shoulders was the worst it had ever been. I was too embarrassed to wear sleeveless or strap tops. The constant scratching was darkening my skin and leaving scars. “Don’t scratch,” they say. Well, it’s not that easy.

I decided to visit a dermatologist again so I could get one of those magic potions that would make it all go away. I had been prescribed an ointment a few years back that had worked very well. Once I got the ointment, I didn’t quite follow through with some very important instructions, “Apply a thin layer. Do not use for more than a week at a time.” I lathered up. Foolishly, when I noticed my eczema was getting worse, I lathered up even more and continued to do so for a full two weeks. Bad move, BAD move. These ointments have steroids in them and too much of it will cause adverse reactions. So, on top of the eczema, my shoulders were now breaking out in acne. My skin looked awful. I was frustrated. Though I realized in part it was my fault (read your labels people!), the outcome would lead me into the right direction.

I had a follow up appointment with my dermatologist to see how the new prescription was working out for me. She tells me, with seemingly little interest to the reaction my skin was having, “Yea… breaking out with acne can be a side affect. Your eczema looks much better though.” Better?! Are you seeing what I’m seeing? I felt insulted. I felt like she didn’t feel my pain, or quite frankly, even cared. She then said changing my diet may help, but it wasn’t likely.

So, I took it upon my hands to try the unlikely thing.

I had to change my nutrition.

I had to find the root to this eczema.

I had to make the itch stop!

Be sure to catch the next post of this 3 part series: Finding Healing.

May your day be graciously adventurous,


P.S. I’m actually living a very similar routine right now (another engineering exam, such joy), but with a new understanding of nutrition and my body’s symptoms & that, my friends, makes all the difference.

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