Be still 

Happy Spring!! And more importantly Happy Holy Week!!

It’s been some time since my last post, but lately I’ve been finding it hard to pause. Even when I try to pray my brain is going in all different directions. I’m thinking about the many things I have to get done and there’s this urge in me to “DO” rather than to “seek”. Sometimes we find ourselves so occupied with our daily tasks or even church duties that we become so much more focused on doing,  but  it’s impossible to do anything at all for God without seeking Him. In my attempt to pull away from the daily duties, I’ve been trying to mediate and be still. When I do, I simply repeat “Lord, I acknowledge you.” I don’t want to get so focused on doing that I forget to acknowledge God and make my ways known to Him. I find that as busy as I may be I still feel sluggish if I’m not taking a moment to mediate on God. There’s an evident void.

I can’t help but wonder how God can be so patient with us. Sometimes I feel like I’m on this constant spiritual roller coaster, yet He stills bothers with me. Something that can help us set things in order is making a list of goals or a daily to-do list. However, the purpose of either list is not simply “to do”, it is so that we can always dedicate a time “to seek”: to seek His presence, His goodness, His glory. And even after the list is written my sincere prayer is, “Lord, help me” so that I can do away with excuses and acknowledge the greatness of our God: the God who came in flesh onto this land of sinners to die for our sins on the cross, and rose again the third day to conquer sin and death for all eternity.

Sovereign God, You who are in control of all things and created all things, help me acknowledge Your greatness in such a way that I yearn to seek Your presence. Lord, help me understand the sacrifice of Jesus in a profound manner so that I am daily led to an outpouring of worship and praise to You. Help me. 

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