14 Days of India

And so it all comes to an end…..

My time here in India has been a blessing. I’m amazed by the few Christians who have turned away from the natural course of a Hindu country. I’m intrigued as to what caused them to see Jesus as the way, the truth and the life.

I remember one of the students from the Bible College said he witnessed the lack of peace and disorder within his Hindu practicing family. His father was an alcoholic and would come home from the temple to continue to drink. One day his sister became very sick and he was told Jesus would be able to heal her. During that time he was already attending a Christian church out of curiosity. Some time after, his whole family witnessed the healing power of Jesus when his sister was cured. They all now serve the Lord.

I observe the Hindu practices and they all seem absurd to me, but when that is what you have been taught all your life it’s a norm. It makes sense to you. It’s what you know. The idea of Jesus returning on a cloud may sound bizarre to many. But ultimately, Jesus walked on this land of sinners. He fulfilled about 300 prophecies and he proclaimed salvation by faith in him. He is not unknown to us. In fact, he is very much like us. The person of Jesus, God-incarnated, is the only demonstration in any religion that God shares in our sorrows and pains. It’s the only demonstration of a God in pursuit of man. It’s the greatest demonstration of love and redemption. He seeks after us. After you and me. That’s the most astounding story one could ever hear. It’s a life-changing, heart-transforming story. The best part of it all is that it’s true, as true as the sun we see rise every morning. This same story is being told in all parts of the world. The words we read in Scripture are the same words being spoken among different nations and tribes. I come half way across the world and I hear the same words of hope, salvation and redemption.

Truly, we serve a God who loves us infinitely. And what’s most amazing about it all is that this profound love is for ALL of humanity. It’s baffling if you really think about it. This deep and pure love that God has is not just for one or a few but for an entire human race. He gives his entirety to all of us. This is how grand he is!! He is able to fill and satisfy the depths of all souls. His power is not limited. To the ones who believe in a god of the sun or moon, the power of this god is limited to the sun or the moon. But our God is Lord of all! He has created all things. He knows all things. He is infinitely powerful. He is a consuming fire. He is victorious over all powers of darkness. Darkness is light to Him. This is the God we serve. This is a God worthy of being known.

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