India, spice and everything nice 

Updates on India!! Finally! It’s been so busy here. I’ve been trying to write a post for the past week but I’m usually so exhausted by the end of the night that I can’t find the energy to put my thoughts into written words. So, I’ll keep it simple and upload some pictures with captions, #instagramstatus. Besides, isn’t a picture worth a thousand words…..

First, let me introduce you to the kurta-wearing women in the project team. Left to right: Tanisha (Architect), Roshini (Civil Engineer), Lauren (Architect) & myself (Civil Engineer)

 We had the amazing opportunity to meet the students of the Bible College and hear their testimonies. This really helped us connect emotionally with the new campus design. Their decision to follow Christ in a prominently Hindu country is so inspiring!

We also met with Pastors Robert and Vincent to show them some of the early designs of the new campus. Pastor Robert’s desire is “not to make theologians, but church planters and missionaries.”

The architects discussing different ideas and the engineers calculating away (Except I’m drawing here, which only happened once. Other than that Excel was Roshini’s and my best friend).

The team adventuring through New Delhi’s dark allies and sharing meals together. Meet the men (top image, left to right): Tipton (Architect), Brandon (Civil Engineer) and Alec (Architect).

THIS. Can you say fire hazard? This is Old Delhi. By far the most interesting, busiest, most hazardous city I have ever been in or seen.

India Gate. Tourist activities with the team on our days off. According to my Health app, we walked about 20,000 steps that day!! Exhaustion at its best.

So many more pictures, so much to share! So much spicy food. It’s great, but my Dominican palate has a limit haha. All in all, God is good. 12am now, goodnight ya’ll!!

One thought on “India, spice and everything nice 

  1. Maricarmen

    Oh my! Shed a tear or two! Again so inspiring and moving ! It’s beautiful to see the blood of Christ transform! I love Pastors vision, may the Lord finish the good work He has started !!!


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