New Delhi, India

In a short three weeks I will be departing to New Delhi, India! I will be volunteering with Engineers Ministries International (EMI), a Christian non-profit organization that serves communities around the world by providing development projects, such as hospitals, schools, orphanages, etc. The assigned project for this trip is to expand the Assemblies of God Central Bible College in New Delhi by designing a brand new residential campus on the outskirts of the city. The new campus will allow them to more than double their current number of students! I will have the opportunity to use my engineering background to design the water distribution system for the new campus. How this trip came about is rather interesting……

After reaching out to EMI for three different trips and being told that the teams were full for all of them, the email I received asking if I would be interested to volunteer in India came as a surprise. Even more so when the departure date was only about 6 weeks away! But God has shown himself to be gracious.

I was actually planning a trip to Cuba with some girlfriends (the flights are SO cheap!) and everyone seemed to jump on the wagon. No hesitations. No excuses. YES! Let’s go to Cuba! Hmmm….it didn’t sit well in my spirit. Was I overthinking it? Regardless, I presented it to the Lord in prayer asking that He would intervene if for some reason this trip to Cuba was not in His will. The same morning I prayed that prayer I get a message at around 1pm via LinkedIn. As a matter of fact, the director for the India project had sent me another two messages to my email that week but I never responded. Check your email people! What’s so awesome about it all is that the trip to India is during the same week I was planning the trip to Cuba. Talk about God intervening!

So, in summary, I was asked about my interest in this project and I quickly responded with a YESSSS! DEFINITELY YES! I AM INTERESTED – in a more nonchalant manner. I was asked to take some time to pray about it but I was already confident God was telling me to GO. On my 26th birthday I had made a list of goals; One of them was to go on a mission trip. This was after I already knew (or thought) that a trip with EMI would not be happening this year (though they have other trips throughout the year and many other projects, I figured the 3 “rejections” meant I should save some money to pay loans…yay loans!) So, as I added this goal to my list I had no idea what a mission trip for this year would look like. Maybe something domestic? Visit some college ministries in VA or NY? Something of that sort. BUT God graciously gifted me with what was the desire of my heart all along. Another bit of God humor to this story is that I was actually planning a trip to India with friends last year for January of 2017. It was not meant to be a mission trip though, and my friends later confessed they didn’t actually even want to go. I was also losing interest in visiting India, however, I clearly remember telling one of my friends “I don’t really want to go to India anymore, but I feel like God wants me to go.” No doubt about it now. He wants me to go.

I see God weaving the path for what has been my prayer for the past 6 years through this volunteering opportunity. I am so overjoyed. I am so overwhelmed. I am so undeserving. To God be the glory forever and ever, Amen.

P.S. If you’re interested in financially supporting EMI’s cause donate via this link:

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